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Blockchain-Hyperledger ERP

Bigdataguys offers a comprehensive enterprise resource planning and management suite.It’s Blockchain-Hyperledger enabled, and it’s custom engineered specifically for brokerage/benefit administration companies.

Our platform is designed to unify major health insurance marketplace participants with one underlying technology. We target a diverse array of operators, including brokerage firms, enrollment companies, benefit administration organizations, employers, employees, brokers, and IRS (ACA reporting), as well as other third-party companies.

Hyperledger-Fabric Real World Setup

  • This business process management suite is built on Hyperledger-fabric technology. It encompasses end to end business workflow ranging from complicated sales acquisition to billing & invoicing, revenue forecasting, benefit administration (case set up, case build, enrollment), integration of payroll data, ACA reporting, and implementation.
  • This platform uses Blockchain technology to streamline sales acquisition. It reduces administrative steps and burdens while simplifying and speeding up payments to healthcare providers globally.

           Hyperledger-Fabric Channel Architecture

  • It frees up your staff by automating key functions both during and after the sales process.Functions like case build, setup, enrollment, renewals, implementation, administering benefits,billing and remittances, and ACA reporting take care of themselves while you attend to moreimportant things. It also facilitates better management of employees.
  • Better plan design and real-time information access leveraging Hyperledger-Fabric platform helpshorten the sales lifecycle. You can more easily predict and manage healthcare costs, eliminatetime delays, and transfer or easily access assets from a multitude of participants including brokerage firms, enrollment companies, carriers, employers, employees, and even third parties.
  • Information access between Hyperledger participants is tightly secured through smart contracts/chain code execution. The result is better control of your business workflow as well as improved data privacy compliance (HIPAA) through the creation of participating channels.

Channel architecture


Use Cases For Iot And Predictive

Explore our Industry Specific Use Cases for Advanced and Predictive analytics and How we helped enterprises to discover  more in-depth insights, make predictions, or generete
recommendations. Assessment for Business Case Identification, Building Prototype and Defining Right Technology Roadmap with our Experts for Industry-Specific Solutions for Enterprises.

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