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Build Artificial Neural Network Model Using TensorFlow

Learn Cognitive Science to build Artificial Intelligence Applications 



  • Build Network

Fully Immersive 10 Weeks course in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Scholarships available on a case by case basis

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The blockchain is about to change everything

  • Discover how Blockchain could change the world

  • The real value of bitcoin and cryptocurrency 

  • Blockchain will disrupt every industry

Fully Immersive and evening bootcamps  in Blockchain

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Build A Decentralised Blockchain App

Learn Foundations of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Programming 


  • See how Ethereum (and other cryptocurrencies) work

  • Write Ethereum smart contracts in Solidity 

  • Deploy your own dapp, coin, and blockchain

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Build Artificial Neural Network Model Using TensorFlow

Fully Immersive Bootcamps

    NYC | D.C | Bay Area

Artificial Intelligence | Blockchain 

Post doctoral training fellowship into AI and Machine Learning Scholarship Available

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Evening & Online Bootcamps 

    NYC | D.C | Bay Area

Advance deep learning

Deep learning with Tensorflow | Deep learning for Vision | Neural Networks 

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Over  5,000 students trained 


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