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Track Station - Fleet Tracking System

BigDataGuys Track Station is an IOT based device that performs fleet tracking, monitor fuel efficiency, prevent unsafe driving, as well as for remote diagnostics and by pay-as-you-drive insurance.

Track Station – Fleet Tracking System

Track Station is a very robust and intelligent Fleet management system. With the following features to its abilities, the system still remains to be unique in itself in helping the users and fleet management companies. Also, it has immense space left for the improvement with additional features to be called as the one of the finest application in the market to track the vehicles by an individual and the enterprise organizations.

Track Station Abilities


Track station sends the notifications to the fleet managers and the drivers as it is programmed. The Fleet Manager can intimate the driver his ongoing driving abilities and tracks the vehicle online. Also, the driver can respond back to the Fleet Manager using the Track Station Mobile application.


Track Station is integrated with the Stripe API and the system can be configured with the payment options to pay the bills automatically.

Geo Fence

A user can be restricted to enter a particular region or territory. On entering a given Geo Fenced area the management or the owner of the vehicle will be notified both using the SMS and the Mail.

Trip Costing

Every single trip can be calculated for the fuel and the cost involved in the trip. Various APIs are used in calculating the price involved in the trip.

Idle Vehicle

The system evaluates a vehicle which is idle and notifies the user after a given time frame. The user can programme the system to notify if a vehicle is idle for given time.

Hours Driven

Hours driven is useful in calculating the hours taken for all the trips for a given vehicle.

Fuel Monitoring

The fuel monitoring option shows the fleet managements the consumption of the fuel and helps in monitoring the vehicles use.

Harsh Braking

Track Station monitors the harsh braking for a given vehicle and the same can be tracked in the reports level. And every single drivers driving behaviour can be  monitored and it provides the chances of improvement of the driving skills.

How Different Is Track Station

There are several similar applications in the market today which caters similar functionalities but Track Station has multiple additional functionalities to its abilities. Also, it has immense space left out for the further development.

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