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BigDataGuys’s (IOT Product) – Trace Smart Parking Solution








Cities, airports, and other environments will enjoy the increase of traffic flow.

Fast wireless network and a proven battery life.

Benefits & Advantages of Trace

Trace will help in better and faster utilization of your parking facilities, thus preventing unnecessary investments in additional parking facilities.

Parking violations can be detected and enforced efficiently and effectively.

Enforcement and overstay detection

Occupancy status of individual parking spaces on-street parking can be compared with payment in pay and display machine.

Enforcement officer can be alarmed when the vehicle is staying longer than the paid time or when a vehicle is exceeding the maximum parking time for the specific space.

Parking guidance

Free parking spaces allocated to frequent users can be dynamically allocated to transient users when demand is rising. 

Drivers are informed about parking space availability and can be routed accordingly

BigDataGuys’s  Smart Car Device

Bell Smart Car Dongle (IOT Product) is one of the most innovative tools in the automobile domain.We are proud to own product of this caliber.

But instead of tracking how many steps a person takes in a day, Bell collects 300 real-time data points about cars and their drivers. 

It examines everything from the accelerometer, to location via GPS, to engine sensors. It’s all made possible by a tiny white dongle that retails for $50 to $150 and plugs into a car’s onboard
diagnostics (OBD) port


Bell’s goal is to turn all vehicles into talking, data-collecting smart cars using nothing but a
plastic dongle with the Web & mobile app.

Vehicle Identification Systems

 To enable the automatic identification of the vehicle and driver we support three platforms:

TRANSIT: Microwave RFID readers with battery supported tags.

uPASS: UHF readers with battery-less RFID tags.

ANPR: License plate recognition readers.

All these systems can easily be connected to any system for access control, parking management, and traffic management.











People Identification Systems


BigDataGuys ACE (IOT Product) is a platform that allows any access control system to use smartphones as access credentials.
The platform consists of a cloud-based service, readers, and apps. ACE apps can receive and contain multiple virtual identity credentials. 
These credentials are presented to ACE readers using NFC, Bluetooth Low Energy or QR.
Virtual identity credentials are sent to the phone in a secured way from the ACE Server. The ACE Server accepts imports from 3rd party access control systems.

Fleet Tracking System

Track Station



Track Station is a robust and intelligent Fleet management system.

Fleet Tracking System

Track Station

BigDataGuys Track Station is an IOT Product based device that performs fleet tracking, monitor fuel efficiency, prevent unsafe driving, as well as for remote diagnostics and by pay-as-you-drive insurance.

Track Station Abilities

Notifications: Sends notifications through Mail and SMS.
Payment: Can be integrated with Stripe API for payment options.
Geo Fence: A user can be restricted to enter a particular region or territory.
Trip Costing: Calculates for the fuel and the cost involved in the trip.
Idle Vehicle: Vehicle idle time can be notified.
Hours Driven: Hours driven reports.
Fuel Monitoring: Shows the consumption of the fuel and monitors the vehicle use.
RPM: Provides RPM being consumed.
Harsh Braking: Harsh braking is monitored and tracked in the reports.
ETA: Provides the ETA for a given trip.