IoT Is Changing the Cybersecurity Industry

//IoT Is Changing the Cybersecurity Industry

IoT Is Changing the Cybersecurity Industry


IoT Is Changing the Cybersecurity Industry

Internet of Things (IoT) industry is an industry that has a record of cyberbreaches. Nowadays, IoT security is a must.

IoT Security Gets a Failing Grade

In fact, 50% of IoT companies reported some type of security breach. This confirms that it is needed to improve IoT cyberdefense. Most hacked data was worthless. Sometimes an IoT hack garners useless data. Indeed, cyberdefenses are coming to market, which can address the need for solid IoT security. 

New Cyberdefense Technologies Needed for IoT

IoT is different and has the potential to change everything. It is the newly extended edge that allows unprecedented applications and intelligence with tremendous economics and accuracy. These tiny devices are the next step in physical artificial intelligence (AI). I stress “physical.” They are out in the real world telling both people and machines what they need to know and need to do. If hacked, they can manipulate or destroy physical things with impacts that can extend to entire economies or worse cause loss of life. IoT is not just a database. IoT it is an actuary in the physical world that must be authenticated, validated and secured or risk the potential for very real danger.

Deep IoT Needs Deep Security

Actually, there’s no space for encryption file or even simple processor updates patches in the Internet of Things. IoT devices have minimal battery life that required tiny low-powered processors with minimal flash memory. Indeed, the entire cybersecurity industry is developing security solutions for all digital technologies. For example, if you are using deep learning and Internet of Things, then you won’t need to have deep security as well because Internet of Things is pushing new security technologies toward achieving this goal.

The Enhanced Blockchain IoT Security Fit.

In fact, centralized security models require high infrastructure and maintenance cost for centralized clouds, large server farms and networking equipment. There are like tens of billions IoT devices that will create bottlenecks and points of failure, which can disrupt the entire network. Blockchain technologies could be used for this problem, but it isn’t a complete solution. Indeed, blockchain technology brings a secure and safe Internet of Things where privacy is protected. So, enhanced blockchain-layered security technologies can offer this.

Revolutionize or Regulate

Actually, billions were spent in security compliance of the smart grid, but it does not mean you are secure. Hackers change things daily, but compliance recommendations can take years.

Preparing for Post-Quantum

Quantum computing and Internet of Things are huge opportunities, but there are a lot of issues that need to be solved before having these two technologies together. Quantum computing would have the processing power to crack any static encryption algorithm. IoT will need solutions of more complex encryption algorithms with larger files sizes.

The IoT security opportunity

Internet of Things suppliers will be the ones that invest in the security of their products. They need to do it in order to not lose customers, spend money on regulatory issues or, be involved in legal action against them. Some IoT suppliers are embarrassing security. There are even IoT enterprises offering their own solutions. IoT security is a requirement.


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