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Blockchain-Hyperledger Solutions

An exclusive development team of Blockchain-Hyperledger professionals. Architecting, prototyping, custom-built protocols and applications with real technical and business experience.

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Blockchain your business!

Blockchain technology is being actively adopted by finance, retail, insurance, and many other industries for a variety of reasons. Blockchain helps simplify record/identity management, transaction processing, goods provenance and traceability in order to improve workflow.

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Our core offerings

Proof of Concept

Bigdataguys takes a good, hard look at your organization and existing setup. We evaluate your particular situation to determine whether a blockchain framework addresses your needs.

Proof of Value

We help enterprises like yours start off their blockchain journeys by evaluating which blockchain offering on the market best suits each particular case.


We help enterprises like yours start off their blockchain journeys by evaluating which blockchain offering on the market best suits each particular case. Bigdataguys also aids in removing both business- and technology-related constraints along the way.

Minimum Viable Product

Bigdataguys builds a working solution from an initial concept so you can get early feedback from end users and prove the product’s feasibility.

Ready to go – Just for you

Building on extensive expertise in implementing blockchain for a wide variety of industries, we make it our business to know the needs of your target users. Because only by knowing their needs can we develop the competitive and innovative solutions to meet them.

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Turn-key solutions in the blink of an eye

Your ideas. Real-world implementation. Revenue. It’s just that simple. And it’s ready when you need it.

Hyperledger ERP

for Healthcare market place operators

  • Bigdataguys offers a comprehensive enterprise resource planning and management suite

  • It’s Blockchain-Hyperledger enabled, and it’s custom engineered specifically for brokerage/benefit administration companies

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Hyperledger Enrollment

Blockchain open enrollment platform

  • One-of-a-kind enrollment platform to eliminate time-consuming reconciliation issues.

  • Leveraging deep learning and real-time analytics on cloud

  • Converging Ai and Blockchain technologies.

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Hyperledger Sales Suite

for Healthcare market place operators

  • For organizations dealing with complex products, services, and channels, smart-quote management is a game-changer.

  • Empowers users by providing AI & predictive science optimized suggestions likely to convert into an order.

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Blockchain-powered marketplace for an insurance consortium

The “Reinsurance” application is a prototype of the decentralized platform based on the Hyperledger Fabric framework. Ask Bigdataguys for a demo of how this blockchain-powered solution meets all of your industry-specific needs.

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Smart contracts and ledgers

One of the key building blocks of a decentralized ledger is a smart contract—a protocol that contains business logic and conditions for transferring assets between accounts.

  • Access control contracts define access to the resources.
  • Registry contracts (name => address) represent a key-value store and permit interface and controller contracts to resolve the addresses of other contracts.
  • Storage contracts, naturally, store data. By design, their logic is limited to checking the access level and enabling data getters/setters. Storage contracts are invoked by controller contracts.
  • Controller contracts manage storage contracts and are invoked by either other controller contracts or interface contracts.
  • Interface contracts enable interaction between end users and contracts.
  • Utilities contracts provide additional libraries.
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Private Blockchain

A private blockchain includes a comprehensive system of permissions and can guarantee any level of privacy. In order to protect the confidentiality of business transactions, content is encrypted in private ledgers so that only authorized participants may see it.

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Enterprise business process transformation with Hyperledger Fabric

Talk to the experts for developing a proof of concept for your business use case.

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Enterprise AI and Data Platforms on Blockchain-Hyperledger

Accelerate AI Adoption by harnessing AI Power Implementing Solution AI Solution and Leverage AI Marketplace

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