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Data Science Consulting

Top Big Data Consulting Services and Solutions Company
Implementation, Application Development and Management Services

Big Data Services Providers

BigDataGuys provides Big Data Strategy, Implementation and Management Solutions. Also. Service Offering includes Data Integration, Storage, Processing and building
Analytics-Driven Application Development.

Big Data Solutions

  • Modern Big Data Integration: Supports Traditional systems, as well as modern Big Data and NoSQL ecosystem.
  • Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop on Kubernetes Real Time & Streaming Analytics with Apache Flink, Apache Spark.
  • Big Data Integration platform with AutoMapper and Lambda based on data Transformation pipeline.
  • Data ingestion & data Transformation from different Sources (API’s, Databases, Files, Message Queues.)
  • Data Modeling and Algorithm Management
  • Build Big Data Stack on Multi-Cloud
  • Use cases for Healthcare, Telecom, Insurance and Retail Industry.

Big Data Infrastructure Solutions

Big Data Solutions will deliver effective, highly scalable, optimized Big Data application. Big Data Services supports Reactive programming for developing streaming and event driven Big Data application in Akka framework. BigDataGuys Big Data Solution enables Infrastructure Automation for Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark Cluster and Different Components.

Big Data Integration Solutions

BigDataGuys is the leading provider of Big Data Management Solutions that helps Enterprises meet the Big Data Challenges by making Big Data Integration easy, fast and affordable. Simplify the process of working with Apache Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, HDFS with Big Data Integration Solutions.

Big Data Consulting Services

At BigDataGuys, we provide Big Data Consulting Services, Big Data Assessment, strategy for the Use Case of Big Data Problems. Big Data assessment and strategy will list down different components required from Big Data landscape and the tools, processes to be integrated in the Big Data Strategy and Big Data Implementation.

Data Lake and Data Warehouse

Big Data Consulting Services provides the consulting, Implementation for building Real time Data Lake and Data Warehouse using NoSQL Databases. Our Big Data Solutions helps you to modernize Data Warehouse with Big Data and enables you to migrate from traditional Databases to New Databases. Big Data Solutions supports Cassandra, Hbase, MongoDb and Druid.

Solutions And Use Cases

Best Practices & Strategy for Infrastructure Deployment, analytics Solutions and Customer Use cases using Open Source Tools and AWS, Google cloud and Azure Solutions. We provide strategy and consulting for designing architecture and Components for Scalable Big Data Infrastructure, Deployment Strategy, Implementation Plan in Phase manner with Monitoring and Security.

Data Driven Enterprises with DataOps

Talk to Experts for Continuous Delivery to Analytics, Machine Learning and Data Management Practices

Disrupting Industries with Enterprise AI

Accelerate AI Adoption by Harnessing AI Power, Implementing AI Solutions and Leveraging AI Marketplace

Real-Time Data Analytics Services, Solutions And Consulting

Real-Time and Stream Analytics Service Providers

BigDataGuys is offering Services and Solutions for data analytics services and Solutions for real-time and stream processing for IoT, Monitoring, Preventive and Predictive Maintenance.

  • Data Analytics Solution for Stream and Real-Time Processing
  • Data Analytics Platform with Apache Spark, Apache Flink and Apache Beam for Real-Time & Stream Analytics
  • Data Integration from any Sources
  • Processing Engine – Streaming, Real Time & Self Service Streaming Analytics
  • Large Scale Data Processing, Kappa, Lambda architecture
  • Visibility and Monitoring across the Data Pipeline
  • Deploy Machine Learning, Deep Learning Algorithms on Large Dataset
  • Deployment of Stream Analytics Solutions on Multi-Cloud

What we do inReal-Time Data Analytics

Data Ingestion and Data Processing for IoT and Big Data Solutions
BigDataGuys Big Data Consulting Services provides Data Ingestion, Data collection and Data Processing Solution for IoT and Big Data Solutions. Enterprises can integrate data from any Source, can process Batch Streaming Real Time and Deploy Deployment on Kubernetes and Public Cloud.

Real-Time Data Processing on Docker and Kubernetes

Our Modern Data Integration Solutions enables the enterprises to use Big Data Platform with Microservices Architecture using Docker and Kubernetes. Streaming and Real Time Data Analytics with Microservices Architecture for Internet of Things using Apache Spark, Apache Hive and Apache Hadoop.

Big Data Analytics Platform With Apache Spark and Apache Flink

BigDataGuys Big Data Analytics Solutions enables enterprises to Host On-Premises/Public Self Service Presto/Hive Cluster and can enable queries direct on S3/HDFS/GlusterFS. Big Data Analytics Solution build Analytics Cloud with Machine learning Capabilities and Graph Database Processing with Apache Spark and Apache Flink.

Big Data Warehousing and Data Lake Solutions

We provide Big Data Warehousing and Enterprise Data Lake solutions for Batch and Real Time Data. Enterprises can Build, Deploy Data lake on On-Premises, Hybrid Cloud, Apache Mesos, Amazon RedShift, Google BigQuery and Public Cloud. BigDataGuys Data Warehousing and Data Lake Solution enables the Monitoring as well as Visibility of the Data Flow.

Use Cases ForReal-Time Data Analytics

Technology Solutions, Customer Insights and Journey for Data Migration to Data Driven enterprise for IoT Analytics Solutions, Stream Processing, Real-Time Analytics and New or Existing Enterprise application for Building Data Analytics Platform for Real-time Reporting and Visualization. Our Competency Team also help you for Optimization and Migration of the Solution to any Cloud.

Advanced Analytics Machine Learning Services

Unlock the Real value of your Data with Machine Learning, Deep Learning and AI. Deploy your Machine Learning and Deep Learning Models on Docker and Kubernetes with Microservices.

Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning Consulting Services

  • Work Bench For Deep Learning and Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning Modeling and Algorithm Design
  • Data Science Solution Architecture and Design
  • Knowledge Discovery – Understand Data & Gather maximum Information with Data Mining.
  • Text, Natural Language Processing, Predictive and Statistical Modeling and Analytics.
  • Artificial Neural Networks & Dynamic Bayesian Networks.
  • Cognitive & Prescriptive Intelligence and Analytics.
  • Predictive Intelligence using Artificial Intelligence.
  • From Data to Wisdom – Real Time Data Visualization & Interactive Dashboards.
  • Data Science Proof of Concepts, Use Cases, and Prototypes for Preventive Maintenance, Monitoring, Retail Analytics and Insurance, IoT and HealthCare Analytics.

What we do in Advanced Analytics Machine Learning

Work Bench For Deep Learning Services & Machine Learning Services At BigDataGuys we offer Data Science Solutions for Data scientists and researchers to Build, Deploy Machine learning and Deep Learning algorithms at scale with automated On-premises and Hybrid Cloud Solutions.

Knowledge Discovery in Data Mining

Our Knowledge Discovery Services make you understand data and gather maximum information out of it with Pattern Detection using Data Mining, Data Mapping and Clustering. Data Mining experts at BigDataGuys are amiable with people from diversified domain.

Enterprise Business Analytics Solutions

BigDataGuys Data Science As A Service provides Cognitive & Prescriptive Intelligence to Automate Analytical Model Building using Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence for image Classification, Speech Recognition, Fraud Detection, Anomaly Detection, Risk Prediction, Energy Optimization and Natural Language Recognition.

Predictive Analytics Solutions

Our Data Science Services provides text analytics solutions to extract data from text sources for sentiment analysis, text clustering and categorization using Natural Language Processing algorithms. Predict the Future, anticipate the change, nurture agility that boost your bottom line. Build Predictive and statistical Models for Data Products.

Advanced Analytics Use Cases

Get in Touch with us for Proof of Concept, Advanced Analytics, Data Transformation, enabling Decision Science framework through interactive Data Visualization, Machine learning Solutions, Data Science Consulting, Building Data and Artificial Intelligence Products. Talk to our Data Scientist for Data Science Assessment and Data Science Consulting for your Industry/Solution/Products.

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