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We breathe data! We, at BigDataGuys are proud to state that Data is in our veins. We boast of having a solid team of all the big experts who delve deep into the nuances of Data Science. Be it any aspect of Big Data, Data Science and Data Analytics, we make sure to give you the best bet irrespective of the industries you are into!
Our Data Scientists come from the most reputed institutes of the USA and most of them are PHD holders. Owing to our expertise and proficiency, we successfully cater to various domains ranging from Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, FMCG etc. Our guys work with Government, several big corporate houses and innovation labs.

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We simplify cumbersome processes, exploit advanced analytics, & Ensure Results faster.

We understand the relevancy of speed when it comes to your business. We help you frame the most logical solution architectures that can quickly achieve your organization’s business intelligence goals.

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We leverage your marketing analytics to define a marketing strategy for profitability and growth.

We work with companies on their business intelligence and marketing analytics projects so that they can drive profitability for their business. Our data and marketing analytic consultants help you ensure the strategy into implementation reality.

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It’s all about doing more with Less – Yes Less, In fact very Less.

We are here to help you in your journey. With the help of our expert consultants, we perform rapid analysis to gain deeper insights from your existing data. We get you more effective analytic data to drive better ROI at lower costs.

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We are looking for candidates trained in Data Science, Data Engineering, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Hadoop, MapR, DevOpps, Oracle, SAP, Google Cloud, AWS, Salesforce, Workday, Mulesoft, or Service Now.