Amplify ETFs said that blockchain will transform investment leaders

Amplify ETFs said that blockchain will transform investment leaders

Christian Magoon (CEO of Amplify ETFs) believes blockchain technology will transform those companies that invest in it. Christian Magoon determines which holdings to include in his two blockchain ETFs (exchange-traded fund), and he uses assessing investment and research as indicators of who is going to win in this blockchain business.

Christian Magoon thinks investing in blockchain now will bring huge returns. Some of the holdings in Amplify’s blockchain ETF are blockchain companies.

Blockchain technology is going the transform the leaders in investment and research into this technology.

Amplify Investments will launch two exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that invest in companies betting on the blockchain. Their holdings are ETF, BLOK, include Citigroup, Overstock, IBM, Square and Nvidia, and so on.

Actually, these companies are known for much more than their investment in blockchain technology.

They are looking for companies that have investment and research in order to know who is going to win.

Magoon isn’t ignoring smaller blockchain-forward companies, but he prefers a diversified investment strategy.

Amplify is being particularly diligent to avoid the fraudulent “blockchain pitfalls”.

They have qualification standards for this. Furthermore, they are looking at the news and the company business plan if they really use blockchain.

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