AI is everywhere

//AI is everywhere

AI is everywhere


AI is everywhere

AI is everywhere. You probably used an AI tool this morning when you opened your email.

Many different companies use Artificial Intelligence, and AI can be used to improve business and optimize your life.

Many people are interacting with AI tools every single day. There are many ways we’re already using Artificial Intelligence.

How we use AI every single day

Artificial intelligence is used for virtual assistants. For example, the websites use chatbot to “talk” to you, so a chatbot is used for basic questions and you are referred to a human only if your question is quite complex. You will know if it is a robot or a chatbot. For example, the way UBank’s Robochat introduces itself.

Actually, UBank recently launched RoboChat, which is an IBM Watson-powered supercomputer that can answer questions about home loan applications.

UBank is using a chatbot to make it easy for the customers. RoboChat is designed to answer questions relating to home loan applications using natural language processing technology. So, the chatbot leans how to answer your questions in order to have a conversation with you.

RoboChat is powered by IBM Watson, which is an artificial intelligence platform that ingests and comprehends massive amounts of data. UBank used IBM Watson for its chatbot.

AI is used when you ask your phone for directions, order a pizza from a virtual assistant, or give any chatbot a command, you’re speaking to a chatbot. Virtual assistants use natural language processing (NLP) to learn how to respond to your query.

Social media uses artificial intelligence tools too. Twitter uses IBM Watson to help prevent abuse by tracking problematic accounts.

IBM Watson is really good at understanding nuances in language and intention. IBM Watson is used to scanning accounts engaged in abusive behavior by seeking out certain harmful keywords from users and applying an understanding of the context in which they are written.

AI is used everywhere. For example, ride-share companies use AI technology to improve the function and precision of their apps. Furthermore, machine learning helps to provide ETAs for arrivals using data from millions of past trips to provide estimated arrival times.

Many tech companies use AI, but there more ways AI impacts our lives that we may not realize.

Gallo Winery used IBM Watson to develop an intelligent irrigation system. So, IBM Watson monitors weather reports and uses remote sensor data to measure and distribute the optimal amount of water that each grapevine needs to survive and flourish. E. & J. Gallo Winery mined data from sources such as The Weather, and they developed a custom irrigation plan that’s allowed them to reduce water usage by 25%.

AI’s human touch

Humans often supervise artificial intelligence tools such as “Deep Learning”.

Deep learning is an algorithm that finds a good model to classify or predict something. For example, deep learning can be used to recognize dogs or cats in images. The deep learning algorithm is trained in order to learn from input data.

Deep learning mimics the way the human brain works, but it doesn’t have the ability of human judgment. It is not able to reason and judge what is happening on its own.

Deep learning can be used for well-defined problems where there’s lots of data, and it’s good at perception and classification problems. But it is not good for real reasoning problems. Indeed, “the next big opportunity is to do for reasoning what deep learning did for perception and classification.”

Researchers aim to use deep learning to solve problems that involve human traits like common sense.

Aya Soffer (IBM Director of AI and Cognitive Analytics Research) said that “Humans know that if you put an object on the table, it’s likely to stay on the table unless the table’s tilted. But nobody writes that in a book — it’s something implicit. Systems don’t have this common-sense capability.”

AI is constantly having huge improvements. IBM Watson is a huge advancement in artificial intelligence. Actually, everyone uses artificial intelligence for receiving directions, providing public service, helping with taxes, and so on.


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