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ACCELERATED Artificial Intelligence methodology







This is workshop in whichrelevant stakeholders explore three key questions – how do you make money, where do you lose money, and what data do you have available? With this information, we generate potential uses for AI in your business. The aim at this stage is to explore a broad range of possibilities to uncover as many opportunities as possible.


we examine each use case to evaluate such variables as the level of effort required, speed of adoption/implementation, quality of available data and more. We collaborate with your team to take stock of existing software, processes, and structures in order to understand the potential benefit of each use case. From this process, we can identify the key uses cases to consider for pilot.


At this point, we take a data sample, for a proof of concept to demonstrate the viability of the use case. This PoC will demonstrate actionable, impactful results that can be achieved through the application of AI. We use our Automated Machine Learning platform, The Kore, to accelerate the data science process, making it possible to see real results in just days.


Drawing on insight from Weeks 2 and 3, we define a high level rollout plan. Everything from required processes to data, resources, and timing is laid out to give you a clear idea of how the Proof of Concept can be integrated into your business. We’ll leave you with both a functional prototype producing real business results and the tools you’ll need to build out greater capability.


The machine learning system is inserted into production while taking into account the costs of implementation as well as maintenance costs during the deployment process.


Previously built models are improved upon regularly to raise the quality of insights and to keep up with the changing environment.

We provide the tools and know-how to help organizations implement artificial intelligence today

Our custom text analysis software helps you extract meaning from text data to speed up reporting and analysis. Our proprietary natural language processing technology works to accelerate your project delivery. These NLP tools are designed to power your customer-centric solutions, including customer feedback analysis, customer support automation, information access, and semantic search.

Text analysis software tailored to your specific needs.

Our machine learning tools and algorithms help you develop AI-driven products and solutions. Our team has profound knowledge and experience in designing, implementing and integrating Artificial Intelligence solutions into your existing business environment.Test-drive our fully customizable sentiment analysis platform.

Multi-object detection models for automatic image tagging.

We use deep learning and convolutional neural networks to teach computers what different objects look like and how to identify important objects within a photograph without assistance.
This multi-object detection is used by e-commerce for product tagging and by social networks for photo tagging. It’s computer vision technology that can also be used in retail for people counting, and in logistics for vehicle detection and counting.
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Extract more insights from visual data with image segmentation models

Image segmentation divides an image into multiple parts and is typically used to change the representation of an image into something that is more meaningful and easier to analyze.
This technology is widely used in medical image processing, face recognition, and pedestrian detection.
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Improve search experience at your website with our custom visual search engine

Visual Search powers e-commerce solutions that allow customers to search for products based on visual attributes such as color, shape, or even texture.
Image similarity searching is becoming increasingly important in an age of big data and large collections of unstructured data on social media.
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Dense point cloud creation for 3D object analysis – in real time

Point clouds are used in 3D modeling to generate accurate models of real-world items or scenes. Our big data experts help you generate immersive 3D models of the physical world quickly and easily.
In recent decades, there has been a high demand for this technology to aid such wide-ranging applications as computer graphics, virtual reality, and communication.
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Enterprise business process transformation with Hyperledger Fabric

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