Blockchain is a technological advancement that will transform financial services and other industries as well.

Learn to Build Decentralized Applications on Blockchain

DAOs, Decentralized autonomous organizations, are capable of running themselves thanks to blockchain technology

No CEO needed: These blockchain platforms will let ‘the crowd’ run startups

Build DApps using Solidity and Web3.js

Create Ethereum wallets, Explore consortium blockchain

Develop real-time practical DApps using Ethereum and JavaScript

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Project Description

Fully Immersive and Evening Bootcamps

Comprehensive Blockchain Development

Ethereum Developer In-Class Bootcamp

Artificial Intelligence Online Training

Online Live Instructor-Led Sessions

Learn Solidity (Ethereum programming language) and write smart contract

Live Instructor-Led Sessions

Contracts Storage tutorial in solidity | Deploy the smart contract itself to the blockchain | Build decentralized marketplace for buying and selling domain names on the Ethereum-blockchain network | Create a completely blind auction contract on Ethereum

Build Ethereum smart contracts lifecycle

Online or In-Class bootcamp

Blockchain Bootcamps

Blockchain is a technological advancement that will transform financial services and other industries as well.

Decentralized application

Dapp Development

Quant App Store will allow developers and startups to create multi-chain applications on top of Overledger, and monetize their applications

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Learn to Build “Smart Contract” using blockchain networks

Write smart contract for users on Ethereum’s exchange.  Accessing Smart Contracts and Transactions

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Build hands-on completely blind auction contract on Ethereum (written in Solidity)

Create simple auction contract where everyone can send their bids. No time pressure towards the end of the bidding period.

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Blockchain will disrupt the smartphone industry |Learn to Build Blockchain Platforms such as Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

Smart Energy Grid. Blockchain can transform modern energy grids

 Utilize Cyptographic Validation osf shared ledger to build engergy grid applications. Turn an apartment building into a Microgrid based on shared systems

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Work on Blockchain applications in Smartphone Industry 

Blockchain-powered smartphones can disrupt the smartphone industry by turning smartphones into trusted sharing revenue centers rewarding users & secure payments

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Build DAO Decentralized Autonomous Organizations using blockchain technology

Decentralized-autonomous-organizations (DAOs) work by turning the current rules that govern businesses into software code, which reduces operations

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